The Northview Gallery

I have been graciously lent the 1900 square foot art gallery at Portland Community College-Sylvania campus in Portland, Oregon, for the entire summer. I have 3 months (from the end of June, 2012) to work in the space to build an installation which will open as the first show of the Fall term (end of September, 2012). I intend for the work to be accompanied by a performance piece.

This is the kind of opportunity installation artists dream of. So often, work must be made in a small studio for a larger space and it only comes together as it is being installed. Also, because shows are usually only a week or two apart, there is precious little time to install the work.

I will be working in the gallery studio on a regular schedule throughout the summer and students and staff of the college, as well as campus visitors are welcome to come in to the studio. I look forward to discussing the work, showing my process of model building and drawing, answering questions, allowing people to watch me work and, sometimes-if the work allows, inviting people to help me with a process.

Beginning July 2nd my set studio hours will be Monday-Friday 1pm-6pm (with the exception of 07-19 and 07-27). I will likely be in the studio on the weekend, too but if you want to come by you should contact me to be sure.

Visit my website at:

Contact me at:

PCC Sylvania Address:

12000 SW 49th Ave. Portland, OR 97219

The gallery is located in the CT building Rm 219

For more information contact the art office at: 503-9774264


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