September 2015: Fresh Start

Day 1: Life After Adjunct

I have been transitioning from an Adjunct Professor of Art into a full-time Ceramic Studio Artist for several months now. The day has finally come when grades have been submitted, keys have been handed in, my office and supplies have been moved back home and studio work begins in earnest. I’ve been thinking about this work for so long I just want to burst. It may not seem very exciting. I made coffee mugs all day, but I made all day. I made things I like with my hands.


I even made an impromptu sculpture that I was very pleased with.

There are people out there making a living from their studio work. If they can do it, so can I.

You will have questions, I’m sure. Who am I talking to? Good question. I will have questions. I may use this space to ask and answer my own questions in a way that may reach others. I think the teacher in my heart (who has just settled down for a nap) needs an outlet to continue communicating.


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