Testing, Testing…does this thing work?

My first trip to Hazardous Waste was quite a haul and I have been testing the products I brought back to the studio. Here is most of what I gleaned on that first trip.

I gleaned the cabinet from the side of the road in my neighborhood. I have to separate my residency gleanings from the rest of my studio to avoid cross-contamination with things I have gleaned elsewhere.

My tests don’t look like much yet. I’m just answering questions like, can Shellac, Varathane or Polyurethane be used as a binder for casting? Seems like yes on a small scale but I’m not sure if it will work on the scale I’m envisioning. I’ve got a pretty clear picture of the installation as a whole but I’m looking forward to discovering the individual textures and processes. I got four cans of expanding foam on that first trip. I was really surprised that they were there, completely unopened, until…the first can I tried. The plastic nozzle broke off while I was attaching the extension…so, no good. The second can I opened worked but seemed like it had no pressure or perhaps that it was plugged. It trickled out slowly. I used what I needed for the test and then set it down on the studio floor. When I returned in the morning, it had turned itself into A BEAUTIFUL SCULPTURE!

One of the best things I brought home from Bay 1 was a pile of blue fabric. I later discovered it was 9 continuous yards of blue Velour. Mmmm


The fabric was unexpected and it was an inspiration. It will surely be making an appearance at the show.


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