7 hours!

What took 3 months to build, 4 people destroyed in only 7 hours. We did it in style and it felt great. There was lots of kicking, jumping, ripping and dropping. Cathartic! There would have been some burning if we could have made that happen…We recycled almost everything-except the critters and a few other things-most have already found homes. I knew it was all over when the gallery started to echo again-like when you move out of a house. Monograph Bookwerks is eventually going to have some items for display and sale in their shop on Alberta. There are a few animals left, sitting at the entrance to the gallery in a free pile. I took home the figures, a raccoon and the dog. The performance went smoothly and felt incredible. I was able to see the dancers during the dress rehearsal and it brought me to tears. I can’t wait to see the images that were taken…


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