It’s now the morning of the evening of the performance. Two weks agoI met with the dancers. It was the first time I had met Eric Nordstrom and I had met Heidi Dyer a few times before. I was still developing the story. It was exhilarating to see them interact with the space. After that meeting I knew what my hand drawn imagery should look like. I was hold up in my home studio for three days. I used one piece of paper to make 760 drawings. If you know how this process of animating goes then you know I am being a bit dramatic. It goes like this: draw a some, shoot a picture, erase some, draw some, shoot a picture, etc. After that came some exporting and editing-not my favorite part. John began to compose the sounds to accompany it. The dancers met again and worked out their “score” and then we met again, they showed it to me and I showed them the animation. I wanted to cry. I wish I was going to get to see it but I will not! I’ll only see the video. Last night I tried a dry run at the space with my screen. Everything fit the way I imagined but the screen was terrible. At about 9pm I started scouring the internet for how to make a home made rear projection screen. THANK YOU, INTERNET! Two shower curtains later I was back in business. When I got home John said “I’m done”. I said “oh, great, let’s here it”. He said “no, I’m done with the whole thing”. He had finished the editing and re-rendered, added contrast and laid the music on it! I can’t tell you what a relief it was, as we ate dinner at midnight, to watch it excellently back projected, with his awesome sound. Aside from preparing the performance there has been a lecture and reception and I have been interviewed for two short video pieces. While I won’t deny that I have loved the attention, I am really ready to be done! Saturday morning the whole thing comes down. I’d  like to film it! That’s going to be my favorite part! Still thinking about that vanity of craft thing, next post.


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