The Closing Performance: “Sharing Dust”

I am thrilled to announce that I will be collaborating with two very talented performers for a special closing night performance.  This project brought us together and I feel it must be fate. I have always wanted to collaborate with professional performers and, not only has my wish come true, but I feel inspired, enriched and educated in just the short time I have spent with them so far. The performance will take place between 8pm and 9pm on Friday October 26th , in and around the Northview Gallery. The actual performance will last for about 15 minutes, leaving some time to explore the installation as well:

Heidi Dyer:

A native Oregonian, Dyer moved to Chicago to earn a degree in Dance from Columbia College Chicago in 1999.  After a short stint in Seattle, Heidi moved to Savannah, GA where she taught dance at Hilton Head High School across the river in South Carolina.  Two years later, she moved to San Diego where she performed regularly with Head On Off, a dance company committed to creating site-based works incorporating post-modern dance, sound, costuming, and Action Theater.  From 2003-2006 Dyer earned her MFA in Dance at the University of Oregon where she taught Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Improvisation as a Graduate Teaching Fellow.  There she founded En Masse Arts Ensemble with fellow dancer Sarah Nemecek and composers Aaron Barnhart and Christian Cherry.  Her interest in improvisation, contemporary dance, and collaboration molds both her approach to performance and her teaching.  Besides a solid foundation in dance technique, Heidi continues to explore alternative forms of training in Action Theater, The Feldenkrais Method, Yoga and a variety of approaches to improvisation using language, voice, and movement.  Most recently she performed in The City Dance of Lawrence and Anna Halprin as part of PICA’s Time Based Art Festival in Portland, Oregon where she serves as a faculty member at PCC Sylvania.  Her article “Cultivating Presence in Movement: Student Reflections on the Practice of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement in Dance Education” will be published this September in the Journal of Dance Education.


Eric Nordstrom is a dedicated performer, teacher and film maker. His performances include original work by Bebe Miller, four years with Oslund+Company and creating a full evening improvisation work with Karen Nelson. He has taught at universities and arts organizations including Ohio State University, where he earned a Master of Fine Arts. Recent dance on film works by Eric can be viewed online at


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