Building Character


Wow, 5 weeks to go! It’s time to start setting some deadlines.I’m trying to finish the menagerie this week, the human figures next week, the furniture and architecture the week after that and then I have 2 weeks to put it all together. That is the part I am really looking forward to. That is the part I think is like collage or painting. I get to compose the scene. Thanks so much, again and again to all of the students and friends who have been lending an hour here and there. It is so nice to have someone else in the room, helping or just to talk to. One of the objectives I have for this project is to share the experience as it comes to life and I feel like that is really starting to happen. The more the room fills up, the more people stop in to investigate. Please, come and investigate! I’m especially excited that I will get to share this project with my summer 3-D Design students from PSU which I will meet in just a few more days. I think I have a name for the show, too. Cumulus.


2 thoughts on “Building Character

  1. hey Vicki,
    I am enjoying dropping in and seeing the evolution of your project … online, at least. I am impressed and excited by what I see and can’t wait to lend a hand soon.

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