Soul is a Home

I’m thinking about this for a title. The soul as a home is a concept I’m addressing and I feel like it weaves in and out of all of the other related concepts of the piece. It’s the one idea that is closest to my experience-because of the dreams. I still remember dreams from when I was a kid but I had a particularly fertile dreaming spell just after my divorce in 1998. I had not remembered a single dream the whole time I was married and when it ended, I dreamed like crazy and remembered everything. Lots of house dreams. I went to a see a psychologist a few years after that and she was the one who first told me about the idea that a house in a dream represents the state of the soul. At that time I was dreaming a house with about 50 rooms. Whole families of uninvited guests were living in the walls, sun porches looked onto the Mediterranean, kitchens had 40 ft ceilings and the attic was too scary to even go into…today I’m happy to report that I’m just in an apartment building that’s being renovated and has no toilet, and I live with my grandfather.


3 thoughts on “Soul is a Home

  1. One particularly disturbing house dream I had was where the inside walls would shape shift (kind of like if you were staring at wall paper while on hallucinogens) and I was driven insane by it to the point of murdering my former boss, hacking up her body, and storing it in the attic.

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