Good Day

Today was a pretty good day. I collected some bamboo, which was nice because it felt like I was spending time in the garden. I cleaned up the studio because I almost couldn’t see the floor again (that’s right 1900 square feet of dirty floor!) I also received many emails from people who would like to help out with the project. That was the best part. It’s nice to know there are people out there interested in this thing. PCC is a ghost town right now!

I’ve got a weird new energy today. The email blast made things real and I’m starting to tingle with anticipation. I also have the feeling that I should keep a paper bag nearby in case I start to hyperventilate. I haven’t felt this nervous energy since my 20’s-or at least since “Love in the Wild” when I was 32. I thought maybe I was getting a little old for the big installation thing but this feels good, like all of the little objects in the past few years-and the teaching- were preparing me for this. I had a close encounter with one of those fat and nonchalant squirrels in the parking lot today. The squirrels have been watching me work from the window. It feels like a sign…


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