Ok, this thing is happening…

Things are really starting to come together and I am over my initial shyness about working out in the public. People sometimes say silly things to me about what it looks like the sculptures are doing (crapping is a common misconception), or they want to tell me what they think I should do, but I’m in the studio now. In my studio, I call the shots! I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s nice to feel that confident for once.

I have the majority of the sculptural elements worked out and now I can make my call out for help. So… PLEASE COME AND HELP! There are kraft paper clothes to sew, papier animals to cover, a house full of cardboard furniture to assemble, painting, bamboo leaves and boxes to collect…

It costs a few dollars to park on campus (unless you park in the ½ hour section). If you want to give me a few hours of your time and let me know in advance, I have a few day parking passes I can send out on email.



(this is not a final orientation, it just a sketch that helps me see the direction)


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