Full House


Last week it all started coming together. A big thanks to my 3-D Design class who joined me for a few hours of painting, mouse building and a little do-it-yourself home construction.



Queen of the Machine

What a great day in the studio-when I can work alongside one of my favorite artists and people. Paula Rebsom is Queen of the Machine-the sewing machine. Good conversation…and at the end, shirts and skirts, undies and little overalls ready for the clothesline! 21 half-formed mice watched us work.

Building Character


Wow, 5 weeks to go! It’s time to start setting some deadlines.I’m trying to finish the menagerie this week, the human figures next week, the furniture and architecture the week after that and then I have 2 weeks to put it all together. That is the part I am really looking forward to. That is the part I think is like collage or painting. I get to compose the scene. Thanks so much, again and again to all of the students and friends who have been lending an hour here and there. It is so nice to have someone else in the room, helping or just to talk to. One of the objectives I have for this project is to share the experience as it comes to life and I feel like that is really starting to happen. The more the room fills up, the more people stop in to investigate. Please, come and investigate! I’m especially excited that I will get to share this project with my summer 3-D Design students from PSU which I will meet in just a few more days. I think I have a name for the show, too. Cumulus.

Soul is a Home

I’m thinking about this for a title. The soul as a home is a concept I’m addressing and I feel like it weaves in and out of all of the other related concepts of the piece. It’s the one idea that is closest to my experience-because of the dreams. I still remember dreams from when I was a kid but I had a particularly fertile dreaming spell just after my divorce in 1998. I had not remembered a single dream the whole time I was married and when it ended, I dreamed like crazy and remembered everything. Lots of house dreams. I went to a see a psychologist a few years after that and she was the one who first told me about the idea that a house in a dream represents the state of the soul. At that time I was dreaming a house with about 50 rooms. Whole families of uninvited guests were living in the walls, sun porches looked onto the Mediterranean, kitchens had 40 ft ceilings and the attic was too scary to even go into…today I’m happy to report that I’m just in an apartment building that’s being renovated and has no toilet, and I live with my grandfather.

Saw a little light today

The furniture is really starting to come together and the roll of kraft paper finally arrived! Thanks to Shelley for tracking that one down-and thanks to John for all of your help today. It was very exciting to see the kitchen table on her shoulders (too bad it fell and a bunch of stuff broke). I’ve been really mulling over titles since someone asked about it last week. John had a suggestion to call it “Household”. He was being funny but, since I am a few shades less cool than him, it sounded good to me. I have to think some more. It’s important to me to chose the name carefully. I know I haven’t provided many visuals but I do have this drawing to help explain the kind of image I’m trying to make…Image

Good Day

Today was a pretty good day. I collected some bamboo, which was nice because it felt like I was spending time in the garden. I cleaned up the studio because I almost couldn’t see the floor again (that’s right 1900 square feet of dirty floor!) I also received many emails from people who would like to help out with the project. That was the best part. It’s nice to know there are people out there interested in this thing. PCC is a ghost town right now!

I’ve got a weird new energy today. The email blast made things real and I’m starting to tingle with anticipation. I also have the feeling that I should keep a paper bag nearby in case I start to hyperventilate. I haven’t felt this nervous energy since my 20’s-or at least since “Love in the Wild” when I was 32. I thought maybe I was getting a little old for the big installation thing but this feels good, like all of the little objects in the past few years-and the teaching- were preparing me for this. I had a close encounter with one of those fat and nonchalant squirrels in the parking lot today. The squirrels have been watching me work from the window. It feels like a sign…

Ok, this thing is happening…

Things are really starting to come together and I am over my initial shyness about working out in the public. People sometimes say silly things to me about what it looks like the sculptures are doing (crapping is a common misconception), or they want to tell me what they think I should do, but I’m in the studio now. In my studio, I call the shots! I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s nice to feel that confident for once.

I have the majority of the sculptural elements worked out and now I can make my call out for help. So… PLEASE COME AND HELP! There are kraft paper clothes to sew, papier animals to cover, a house full of cardboard furniture to assemble, painting, bamboo leaves and boxes to collect…

It costs a few dollars to park on campus (unless you park in the ½ hour section). If you want to give me a few hours of your time and let me know in advance, I have a few day parking passes I can send out on email.



(this is not a final orientation, it just a sketch that helps me see the direction)